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By booking an appointment, submitting a deposit or purchasing (whether directly with Jahdare, LLC, or indirectly through any third party) any service and/or product, you (the intended person the service/product is for) agree to the following:


There are no refunds.


There are no exchanges.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Any exception made is at sole discretion of Jahdare, LLC.


You acknowledge and accept sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from your use of any such services, content, websites or resources.


Jahdare, LLC (including the owner, affiliated and non-affiliated Skin Care Specialist/Esthetician, Practitioner, Therapist, Technician or Consultant) has sole right and discretion to refuse service (including product orders) to any and all persons at any time.

Jahdare, LLC is not responsible for any side effects or adverse reactions such as but not limited to allergic reactions. The client (person or animal whom receives service and/or product), releases Jahdare, LLC (including the owner, affiliated and non-affiliated Skin Care Specialist/Esthetician, Practitioner, Therapist, Technician or Consultant) from any and all liability, resulting in but not limited to, from an adverse reaction or side effect to any of the services rendered or products provided or those recommended. Thus, the client (whom received service and/or product) is solely responsible for any and all actual and/or perceived experience(s) encountered or endured resulting in but not limited to medical treatment, etc. 

Disclaimer –

Content provided via website or any form of communication from Jahdare, LLC (or anyone affiliated or non-affiliated), is not intended to substitute for medical or legal advice. Any and all content provided is strictly for informational purposes. The services and/or products provided by Jahdare, LLC are not medical or psychiatric treatments, are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, and should not be used as a replacement for treatment of disease or illness as provided by a licensed medical practitioner. Please consult your physician regarding your individual medical concerns or conditions.


Services (Appointments, Cancellations and/or Rescheduling): 

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Masks are MANDATORY. No Mask = No Service.

*If you are sick, feel sick or have been around someone who is/may be sick, please cancel or reschedule your appointment until you can prove otherwise.
*If you have been out of the country prior to your appointment date, please cancel and wait until you can prove you are without positive results.


View COVID-19 Policy



Booking requests are on a first-come, first-served basis. A deposit is required to book appointments.


**To book a service with a voucher: 1) submit a "Request to Book" online providing the voucher number, 2) send a screenshot showing both the voucher number and the client's name to 754-888-0966, 3) an official ID is required to verify client's name before service is rendered.

A deposit, if not full payment, is due at the time of booking an appointment. *Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. (Be sure to check the required deposit amount for the service you intend to book, some services require full payment)

Deposits may be sent via Cash App (or other mobile payment options available) to secure booked appointment(s). The remaining balance of service may be paid in cash, credit/debit cards, etc. There is a minimum of a $2.50 processing fee for using credit/debit cards. (Please have the exact amount if paying in cash, as change is not provided)

(Please keep the lines of communication open and inform me if you think you will be running late, still have lash extensions present, or have used mascara recently- as this will affect the amount of time left in your session and the client after; I do try to keep appointments running in a timely manner)

*If you want a fuller Lash look, it is considered as an Add-on; which starts at $15 extra.

**If your lashes are in need of cleaning due to build up with makeup, rheum (sleep), mascara, etc a $20 cleaning/ $30 removal fee will be incurred.  

If you are 15 minutes late:

Your appointment will be cancelled automatically (including merchant voucher being redeemed) and must be rescheduled upon our availability. *A new deposit will be required for the new appointment. 

To cancel or reschedule your initial appointment:

Your deposit will be withheld as deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. A new deposit will be required for the new appointment day/time. (Please be ready to Cash App a $35 deposit to book)


For clients using a voucher: (All policies apply, including additional notices below)

A price difference of the service will be incurred if you schedule outside of the voucher agreement period. No exceptions.

*If you want a fuller Lash look, it is considered as an Add-on; which starts at $15 extra.

**If your lashes are in need of cleaning due to build up with makeup, rheum (sleep), mascara, etc a $20 cleaning/ $30 removal fee will be incurred.  


For all No-Shows: 
Your voucher will be redeemed and/or your initial deposit will be withheld AND a new deposit will be required for the new appointment. This includes if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment; you are considered a "No-Show". Repeat No-Shows will not be allowed to continue services.

Only the person receiving service(s) is allowed in the treatment room. Children under 12 years old must be supervised in the waiting area. No extra guests are allowed at this time due to the pandemic.


**If requesting service outside of business hours (such as on closed days, holidays, etc): A $20 VIP booking fee is required in addition to deposit amount, to book appointment. Booking fee is non-refundable.


Business Hours: By Appointment Only 

Sunday: Closed (VIP - $20 extra)

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 7pm

Friday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Order Processing:

All-natural products are handcrafted to order. Other products sold are supplied per individual manufacturer's availability. 

Once an order is processed, order fulfillment typically takes from 1-5 business days depending on volume received.

Afterwards, products are shipped immediately via USPS (or another carrier if requested or available).



All Shipping Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Please contact Jahdare, LLC at “iamjahdare@gmail.com” to request a different carrier or to expedite delivery before placing an order, as additional shipping fees will apply.

Orders are handled and shipped in the order they are received. In the event of a delay due to volume of orders, priority orders are always shipped first.

Jahdare, LLC is not responsible for returned packages or packages not received because of address mistakes on the part of the customer, nor are we responsible for carrier mistakes or loss or damages because of negligence on the part of the carrier. These matters must be taken up with the carrier service directly as each customer receives valid USPS (or any other carrier) tracking information.


Any package returned by the carrier due to failure to pick up or address mistakes on the part of the customer will entail an automatic refund of the purchase price less shipping charges and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.


Jahdare, LLC is not liable per these policies for loss incurred in package transit, we will reship if the customer agrees to pay shipping charge for the new shipment, nor is Jahdare, LLC to be held liable for any lost, damaged, or 'undelivered' package that is indicated as "delivered' by confirmed trackable information (i.e. customer tracking number).


Missing or incorrect items must be reported within 48 hours of carrier delivery receipt by the customer. Jahdare, LLC will cover the re-shipment cost of an incorrect item as long as the product has not been opened or used.


Jahdare, LLC reserve the right to modify any and all policies, terms and conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website.


For inquiries, please email us: iamjahdare@gmail.com

Thank you for being apart of The Jahdare community!

The Jahdare Team

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