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Jahdare was created once I recognized it as a "state of being"  for myself, or rather, a conscious lifestyle choice going forward. "Being" divinely guided, protected and accepting every aspect of all that I truly am (and becoming) regardless of what others may think. My personal mantra is, "I am Jahdare". Meaning, I am God-given/yielded/bestowed/allowed etc. When circumstances appear chaotic, I take time to remember who I am and who's I am.


Thus, Jahdare focuses on uplifting others along their personal journey in various self-care practices, obtaining higher levels of awareness and optimal well-being. You'll find services aimed at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body, respectively. 


Provided are body treatments, deep cleansing facials, eyelash extensions, naturally handcrafted body products, distance reiki energy healing, online life coaching sessions, and much more coming.

Although initially the mission was aimed to the everyday superwoman, those who tend to nurture the family and community while often not having time aside for herself, I invite all who dare to be bold being their true selves in the best way they can.

I encourage you to live beautifully, spiritually and authentically you. 

All in Love

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