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This is a reading to gain insights for the "problem behind the problem".


Being a spirit living a human experience can be complicated when it's just us by ourselves. And any relationship involving at least two people can naturally get more complicated especially when we have complex relationships between our integral parts that makes us who we are, and then probably cause complications between us and other people.


When complications seem to never stop, some simlpy view them as problems while others view them as unavoidable and yet a necessary social dynamic. Regardless of your outlook on life, you will never be bored when you choose to open yourself up to others.



In the Note section, please list your WhatsApp and/or Skype contact information so that the media can be sent to you; or this will delay your order. This method will be used until our site is fully revamped. Thank you for your patience.




All readings are intended for entertainment purposes. They can only be purchased by adults 18 years of age and older. At no time should this be used for legal, medical, financial, or professional counseling services. Use your own judgment and intuition to guide you.


In addition, readings and other intuitive-based sessions are not responsible for anything that may or may not occur. Predictions are given based on the energies at the time of the reading, using my intuition, knowledge, and the energies from the cards. We have free will, and energy can shift at any time. Depending on the actions you take, this can change the outcome of your reading.

Problems in a Relationship

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