Reiki - 60 mins

Distance Energy Healing With Reiki Master Teacher

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars

Service Description

For centuries, holistic medicine has provided relief and healing for a wide variety of physical and emotional problems. One popular technique is reiki, a type of holistic treatment that is intended to promote healing and relaxation, while reducing stress and anxiety. Reiki is administered by reiki practitioners who have been specially trained in its techniques and concepts. Reiki works by restoring energetic balance. It is up to you to let go of the things that are keeping your system out-of-balance. During a typical session these out-of-balance things tend to come to the surface for you to look at and let go. Most often, these are deeply rooted judgments and perceptions that we have been carrying around with us our entire lives. In those cases, one session might not be enough for you to see all angles of the judgement, and thus resolve it. Multiple sessions might be in order, but how often depends on you and your ability to handle the things that come up. New Clients: Keep in mind that your treatment will be done from a distance, so you can find a comfortable space in your home or outside and relax for the duration of the session. You can sleep during the session or be awake-this will not impact the treatment as they are energetic. ​ Everyone experiences the treatments differently. Some clients may experience any of the following (but not limited to): emotional response feeling heat or cold sensations seeing colors or lights involuntary movements such as twitching stomach rumbling detoxification symptoms falling asleep or feel nothing at all ​ Note: After the session, make sure you are drinking adequate water and seek advice from your medical practitioner as needed. --- Place your order via the shop, "Inspired Insights". Once your purchase is received, you will be contacted that your distance reiki session is being scheduled. If you have a preferred date in mind, please inform us via the "note" section during checkout (or submit via contact form).

Cancellation Policy

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE BOOKING !! Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Masks are MANDATORY. No Mask = No Service. *Sanitizer is available upon arrival. *If you are warm-to-touch or have a fever, you will be asked to leave and rescheduled. *If you are sick, feel sick or have been around someone who is/may be sick, please cancel or reschedule your appointment until you can prove otherwise. *If you have been out of the country prior to your appointment date, please cancel and wait until you can prove you are without positive results. ------- Booking requests are on a "first-come, first-served" basis. A deposit is required to book appointments; spots are not held. To avoid disappointment, book your appointment in advance. *If I have an emergency, you will be notified. -------   **To book a service with a voucher: 1) submit a "Request to Book" online providing the required voucher # (redemption code), 2) if you have a booking request inquiry, please be sure to send a message via contact form OR text directly to 754-888-0966 for a quicker response.  3) an official ID is required to verify client's name before service is rendered. ------- A $35.00 deposit (per session) is due at the time of booking an appointment.  Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable. (Be sure to check the required deposit amount for the service you intend to book, some services require full payment) The remaining balance of service may be paid in cash, credit/debit cards, etc. There is a $2.50 processing fee for using credit/debit cards. (Please have the exact amount if paying in cash, as change is not provided) For deposits made via Cash App:$jahdarellc For deposits made via Venmo: @jahdare (excludes processing fee) ------- (Please keep the lines of communication open and inform me if you think you will be running late, still have lash extensions present, or have used mascara recently- as this will affect the amount of time left in your session and the client after; I do try to keep appointments running in a timely manner) **If you want a "fuller Lash look", it is considered as an "Add-on service"; starts at $15 extra. **If your lashes are in need of cleaning due to build up with makeup, rheum (sleep), mascara, etc a $15 cleaning/ $30 removal fee will be incurred.  If you are late: your appointment will be cancelled automatically, including merchant voucher being redeemed, and must be rescheduled upon our availability. *A new deposit will be required for the new appointment. To cancel or reschedule your initial appointment: your deposit will be withheld as deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. A new deposit will be required for the new appointment day/time. (Please be ready to Cash App or Venmo a $35 deposit to book) For clients using a voucher: (All policies apply, including additional notices below) **Must sign waiver/consent form. **Refills are valid only within 2wks of original procedure. A price difference of the service will be incurred if you schedule outside of the voucher agreement period; No exceptions. **If you are late, your appointment will be cancelled automatically (including merchant voucher being redeemed) and must be rescheduled upon our availability. A new deposit will be required for the new appointment; please be ready to Cash App or Venmo a $35 deposit to book.  **If you want a "fuller Lash look", it is considered as an "Add-on service"; starts at $15 extra. **If your lashes are in need of cleaning due to build up with makeup, rheum (sleep), mascara, etc a $15 cleaning/ $30 removal fee will be incurred.   For all No-Shows: Your voucher will be redeemed and/or your initial deposit will be withheld AND a new deposit will be required for the new appointment. This includes if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment; you are considered a "No-Show". Repeat No-Shows will not be allowed to continue services. Only the person receiving service(s) is allowed in the treatment room. No children & No extra guests are allowed at this time. **Same day & after hour appointments are available for an additional $35-$50 VIP booking fee and based upon availability. Please contact J directly for same day or after hour availability (via text only). “After hours” are considered any time before or after regular business hours, closed days or holidays. VIP booking fee is required in addition to the deposit amount, to book appointment. VIP booking fee is non-refundable, non-transferable. Jahdare, LLC and I, have sole right and discretion to refuse service to any and all persons at any time. For more details:

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