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Value Consistency

May you find this helpful on your journey. This may apply in any area of your life. Only take what resonates, leave the rest behind.


We often struggle with change in our lives because we're not focused. There's a difference with being interested and being consistent.

When you're interested, you'll do what's convenient. When you're consistent, you'll do what it takes. A reaped harvest is only for those who continue the process.

You're not always going to have motivation which is why you need discipline. Discipline to pray. Discipline to fast. Discipline to meditate. Discipline to put in the work.

Discipline is the diet of the next level. It enhances your discernment (ability to recognize what or who is in alignment with your assignment). And when you don't have discernment, even distractions look like opportunities. It often takes discipline to let things go.

If you don't let go of what God didn't send, you'll keep on delaying what God is trying to send. For there may be nothing more cancerous to the soul than to be consistent with a counterfeit. Wavering people hand you trauma gift wrapped as friendship.

In all, stop giving up for you are worthy. Persevere. Be journey focused (the process, growth minded, patient with yourself etc), not destiny focused (assumed end result). There's no wisdom in the short cut.

~Jerry Flowers


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