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Skincare & Summer Vibes

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

To Maximize Your SPF

Here are 5 Tips for healthy skin all summer long.

1. Wear It Everywhere

Why wear SPF indoors, outdoors, in the sun, and in the shade? Well, harmful UV rays aren't deterred by clouds, windows, or seasons and they are the leading causes of premature aging and skin cancer for all skin types. No one is exempt.

2. Thirty Plus Is In

Doctors agree, SPF 30 and higher is best to reduce sun damage. Don't forget the little spots- scalp, ears, lips and hands!

3. Make A Positive Habit

Find a SPF you feel comfortable to wear consistently. Apply it as the last step in your a.m. skin routine and let it absorb for a few minutes BEFORE applying makeup.

4. Reapply, Just Like A Pro

Sunscreens, like any other product, are broken down by UV exposure. To benefit from sunscreens, apply often. Ideally, every 2 hours if you're outside. Working inside by a window? Twice a day should be ok.

5. Keeping It Fresh

Stash your sunscreen someplace cool as extreme heat (like a hot car) hinders protection and lead to early expiration. Besides, your sunscreen will feel amazing on warm days when you keep it cool.

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